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    RT Vision is committed to protecting your privacy. This statement describes the steps we take to protect your personal data when you visit one of our websites.

    It also discusses the personal data we collect, the purposes for which we use this data and the choices you have regarding our use of this data. This section also describes how we protect your personal data. By visiting our websites, you consent to the data collection and usage practices described in this privacy statement.


    This concerns data obtained directly from you. In general, you can visit RT Vision’s websites without entering any personal information. On certain pages we ask you for personal data, so that we can respond to your request or request. The personal data we collect may include:

    • Contact details, such as your name, form of address, e-mail address, telephone number and address;
    • Data that adapt our websites and simplify their use;
    • Request information about our products and services;
    • Information that allows us to determine which products and services best meet your requirements;
    • Feedback from you about our websites and our products and services in general.

    You are not required to provide this information, but if you do not, we may not be able to provide you with the requested service.


    We collect information about your visits to our sites, including the pages you view, the number of bytes transferred, the links you click, the materials you access, and other actions you take on RT Vision sites. We also collect certain standard information, which is sent by your browser to each website you visit, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the type, capabilities and language of your browser, your operating system, the date and time you access the sites and the websites from which you linked to our sites. We do not link this information to your identity.


    We collect information obtained directly from you on pages where we request your personal information. This can be, for example, when requesting a free demo, a quote or to answer your questions. This information consists of contact details such as your name, email address and telephone number.


    We may use your personal information to improve our websites and related RT Vision products or services. In addition, to make our websites easier to access by eliminating the need for you to repeatedly provide the same information or by tailoring our websites to your specific preferences or interests.


    With your consent, we may use personal information collected through our websites to inform you about RT Vision products or services. When we collect information that can be used to contact you, we always give you the option to opt-out of receiving such communications. In addition, all e-mail messages we send contain a link that allows you to unsubscribe so that you no longer receive such messages. If you unsubscribe, we will remove you from the relevant list within ten working days.


    RT Vision provides your data to partners with whom we work closely (distributors and resellers). They will contact you to adequately follow up your information or quotation request.


    RT Vision partners with other companies to provide services on our behalf, such as hosting websites, transmitting data, and analyzing websites. We only provide these companies with the elements of your personal data that they need to provide these services. These companies and their employees are not authorized to use this personal data for any other purpose.


    We may disclose personal information when required to do so by law or because we believe in good faith that it is necessary to comply with legal requirements or legal actions we face, to protect and defend our rights or property, or in urgent cases to protect the personal safety of persons.


    RT Vision strives to ensure the security of your personal data. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized use and access or disclosure. For example, the personal data you provide to us is stored on computer systems that have restricted access and are located in facilities that also have restricted access. When you request information that is unique to you, we use industry standard security technologies, such as the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, to send this information encrypted over the Internet.


    In some cases, you can check and correct personal information provided through our websites by going to the page where you entered this information. In all cases, you can request to review and correct any personal data collected through our websites, or you can contact us and request RT Vision to stop using this data. We may need to take steps to establish your identity before providing you with access to your personal information. You can help us ensure the accuracy of your information by notifying us of any changes to your postal address, telephone number or e-mail address.


    Our websites may contain links to other sites, such as sites of RT Vision distributors and resellers, professional organizations and government agencies, as well as publications. While we try to link only to sites that have the same high standards and respect for privacy as we do, we are not responsible for the content, security or privacy practices of other sites.


    If you have any questions about this statement and how we use your personal data, please contact us. We will respond promptly to your request and strive to reach a satisfactory solution.


    RT Vision may revise this privacy statement from time to time. When we do this, we will change the ‘Last modified’ date at the bottom of this privacy statement. We will ask for your consent to any changes to this privacy statement that substantially expand the way your personal information is used or disclosed in ways that were not published in this privacy statement at the time the data was collected.


    RT Vision is entitled to change the content of the privacy policy without informing the visitor. Implementing the change on the websites is sufficient for this.

    Last modified: February 18, 2021




    A.1 With the deposit of these General Terms and Conditions at the Registry of the District Court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, all previous terms and conditions of RT Vision bv. have expired.

    A.2 All assignments are only carried out under the following conditions, unless expressly agreed otherwise and confirmed in writing by RT Vision bv.

    A.3 All deliveries are deemed to have been made to RT Vison bv, all payments must be made there.

    A.4 Agreements with staff are not binding on RT Vision bv. , unless confirmed by it in writing.

    A.5 The client acknowledges the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions by the mere fact of giving an order to RT Vision bv., of whatever nature.

    A.6 If deviations have been agreed with regard to certain subjects regulated by these terms and conditions, these General Terms and Conditions will remain in force for the rest of that agreement. Agreed deviations never apply to more than one order, unless confirmed in writing each time.

    A.7 These conditions apply to all agreements to be concluded by RT Vision bv.  with its clients and the obligations arising therefrom, with the exclusion of other conditions that may be declared applicable by clients, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A reference to the terms and conditions of the client on his letterhead is not sufficient for this. Client is understood to mean anyone who issues an order to RT Vision bv. .


    B.1 All offers are without obligation, unless expressly agreed otherwise. RT Vision bv.  is only bound after it has confirmed the order in writing.

    B.2 The period within which an offer remains valid is fourteen days.

    B.3 In the case of composite quotations, there is no obligation to deliver a part against a corresponding part of the price stated for the whole.

    B.4 All prices quoted by RT Vision bv.  are exclusive of VAT, packaging and shipping costs and/or other taxes, charges or duties imposed as such on the goods and/or services, unless expressly stated otherwise on the order confirmation.

    B.5 All costs for the energy required for the work are for the account of the client, as well as costs for transport at work. Transport costs from the warehouse of RT Vision bv.  to the work -provided that they are accessible by axle, for the account of RT Vision bv.

    B.6 The Client is obliged to make provisions for the removal of released materials. All costs for waste removal or disposal of surplus materials are for the account of the client. If RT Vision bv. takes care of one of the aforementioned matters, this will be charged to the client, unless stated otherwise in the order confirmation.

    B.7 The prices in the offers apply exclusively to the quantities indicated.

    B.8 If an order is not received, RT Vision bv.  reserves the right to charge the design, drawing and calculation costs incurred or a part thereof, all this only if there is talk of an in-depth study of the project. can be and then calculated in accordance with use and fairness in consultation with the applicant.

    B.9   With regard to all goods offered by means of demo material or test pieces, in addition to what is stated in the catalogs and brochures, the normal and/or customary tolerances apply. Slight deviations from the demo materials, test pieces or the images and/or descriptions appearing in the catalogs and brochures are therefore reserved. Such deviations never release the client from its obligations under the agreement.

    B.10. Changes in quoted prices, without prior notice and also after dispatch of the order confirmation, are expressly reserved; for example, RT Vision bv.  will be entitled, since the conclusion of the agreement and before the entire delivery has taken place, to increase wages, employers’ social security contributions and/or other employment conditions, as well as increases in other rates, duties, charges, levies and taxes, as well as any to pass on changes in exchange rates, which are cost-increasing for RT Vision bv. , to the client.

    B.11 The models, images, drawings and measurements, which are attached, shown or communicated with the offers, only give a general representation of the items offered and/or the work performed. Changes in the construction, as a result of which the actual execution differs slightly from the intended models, images, drawings or measurements, but which do not substantially change the technical and aesthetic execution of the work to be performed, do not oblige RT Vision bv.  to pay any compensation. and do not give the client the right to refuse receipt or payment of the processed goods, the service provided and/or the work performed.

    B.12 If the execution of any work for which a quotation has been requested is not assigned to RT Vision, the other party is obliged to return the quotation, complete with all documents referred to in this chapter, to RT Vision bv within eight days, carriage paid.


    C.1 An order or assignment is binding on the client. RT Vision bv.  is first bound by sending the order confirmation. If the client has not notified RT Vision bv.  of its objections within eight days after the order confirmation has been sent, the order confirmation is deemed to represent the agreement correctly and completely.

    C.2 The changes in the execution of the order still required by the client after an assignment has been issued must be notified to RT Vision bv.  in a timely manner by the client. If they are stated verbally or by telephone, the risk of the implementation of the change is for the account of the client, unless these changes have been confirmed in writing by RT Vision bv. .

    C.3 If the client cancels the assignment in whole or in part, he is obliged to RT Vision bv.  for all costs reasonably incurred with a view to the execution of this assignment (costs of design, drawing, calculation, preparation, storage, commission, etc.) to reimburse. If RT Vision bv. so wishes, the client is also obliged to pay compensation for loss of profit, as well as for other damages resulting from the cancellation in question.

    C.4 Changes to the original order, of whatever nature, made in writing or orally by or on behalf of the client, which cause costs higher than those that could be counted on in the quotation and/or order confirmation, will be charged extra to the client.

    C.5 Changes and/or cancellations of orders placed or assignments given are binding on RT Vision bv.  only after written acceptance.

    C.6 By the mere fact of placing an order, the client waives all rights to dissolve the agreement as referred to in Art. 6:265 B.W. as well as in all other related articles.

    C.7 Written instructions from the client must be accompanied by a clear description of the work to be performed.

    C.8 RT Vision bv.  reserves the right to carry out more work than stated in the written order or in the order confirmation and to charge the client if this work is in the interest of the client and/or for the proper execution of the assignment. The Client will be informed as soon as possible of the performance of these additional activities, which fall under the heading additional work.

    C.9 Settlement of additional and less work takes place:
    a. In case of specifications changes (changes in the specifications, the work or the conditions of performance of the work).
    b. In the event of deviations from amounts and from deductible and/or estimated quantities.
    c. In the cases as stipulated in these conditions.

    C.10 Settlement of the additional work takes place at once upon the appearance of the next payment term. If no payment term has been agreed, settlement will take place at the final settlement.

    C.11 Settlement of less work takes place at once with the final settlement.

    C.12. The lack of a written order for additional work does not affect the claims of RT Vision bv.  to settle this.

    C.13 In the case of provisional sums, the amounts charged to RT Vision bv.  or the costs incurred by RT Vision bv. , increased by 10%, will be charged to the relevant provisional amount. If the provisional amount is estimated to be too high or too low, settlement will take place as for additional and less work.

    C.14 Processing costs of materials included in provisional items are, unless otherwise agreed in writing, not included in the contract price and will be settled as additional work.


    D.1 In principle, the client must ensure that a work is kept as free as possible from persons and goods that do not belong there.

    D.2 Each partial delivery, which also includes the delivery or execution of parts of a composite order, can be invoiced, in which
    case that partial delivery is regarded as a stand-alone transaction; in such a case payment must be made in accordance with the provisions of the chapter “payment”.

    D.3 Delay or delay is not for the account of RT Vision bv, unless caused by its fault, without prejudice to the provisions of chapter E.

    D.4 The Client is obliged to provide adequate facilities for the supply and/or storage of goods in the immediate vicinity of the work.

    D.5 Execution of an order takes place within the normal, applicable time. If an order has to be expedited, overtime and/or other additional costs may be charged. The client gives RT Vision bv.  some leeway with regard to the execution period. The term only applies as irrevocable and final if the client has informed RT Vision bv.  in writing about the consequences of a delay when placing the order and this has been confirmed in writing by RT Vision bv.

    D.6 Any material to be processed by RT Vision bv. must be delivered on time and carriage paid to the address indicated by it. In the event of a delivery that is not carriage paid, the freight costs incurred will be charged to the client, without prejudice to the right of RT Vision bv.  to refuse a shipment that is not carriage paid.

    D.7 If during the execution of the work the normal function of the plot is wholly or partly maintained, the client must ensure that there are sufficient possibilities for RT Vision bv to carry out the assignment. The client must also ensure that third parties who carry out work on its behalf do not cause any delays for the work of RT Vision bv. If a delay does occur for the aforementioned reasons, the costs will be borne by the client.

    D.8 Agreed terms only apply if and insofar as the material to be processed is delivered to RT Vision bv.  at the agreed time. If, as a result of late delivery by the client, the execution of the order can only be carried out by using extra transport, overtime, urgent delivery, etc., RT Vision bv. will be entitled to do so without prior consultation with the client and the resulting costs incurred will be borne by the client. In the event of late delivery by the client, RT Vision   bv. is entitled to further determine the date of execution of the order. The client must verify the timely delivery of the material to be processed.

    D.9 All delivery times are always approximated by RT Vision bv.  and are not binding. The delivery period commences as soon as the order confirmation has been sent and, moreover, all data, drawings and materials that may be required in the opinion of RT Vision  have been provided to it by the client. Exceeding the delivery time will never release the client from its obligations under the agreement, nor will it give the client the right to claim dissolution of the agreement and/or compensation.

    D.10 If the exceeding of the delivery term is such that the client cannot reasonably be expected to maintain the agreement, the client is nevertheless entitled to cancel the relevant order, provided that he notifies RT Vision bv. of this in writing. , without prejudice to the right of RT Vision bv.  to perform within 4 weeks after receipt of the aforementioned notification. The Client can demand that RT Vision bv.  immediately decide whether or not it wishes to make use of this right.

    D.11 If the client does not strictly comply with any obligation arising from an agreement with RT Vision, RT Vision bv.  has the right to suspend the fulfillment of all obligations towards the client and even to suspend all agreements with the client in whole or in part. to be regarded as dissolved, without requiring a notice of default and/or judicial intervention, while retaining its right to compensation. What is owed by the client to RT Vision bv.  becomes immediately due and payable.

    D.12 Goods wrongly refused by the client remain available and at the risk of the client; any transport and/or storage costs are for his account.

    D.13 RT Vision bv.  is entitled, without notification to or consultation with the client, to outsource the assignment or parts thereof to third parties not employed by it, if in the opinion of RT Vision bv.  this is a good promotes implementation.

    D.14 If RT Vision bv.  has goods of the client in its possession, it is entitled to keep those goods in its possession until all costs incurred by RT Vision bv.  for the execution of orders from the same customer, regardless of whether these orders relate to aforementioned or on other goods of the client, have been paid in full by the client, unless the client has provided adequate security for those costs. RT Vision bv. has the right to retention, even if the client is declared bankrupt.

    D.15 The delivery of the ordered goods takes place on behalf of RT Vision bv. by making those goods available to the client, or by handing over those goods there to the relevant carrier.

    D.16 If during the execution of a work accepted by RT Vision bv it appears that due to circumstances unknown to RT Vision bv or due to force majeure the work cannot be performed, RT Vision bv has the right to claim that the order is changed in such a way that the execution of the work becomes possible. The additional or lesser costs incurred as a result of such a change will be settled between the parties, while the client is obliged to reimburse the work and supplies already performed by RT Vision bv, but proved to be useless.

    D.17 A work is approved if:
    a. the client has approved or accepted the delivery and the work.
    b. client, the delivery has not inspected the work within eight days after delivery.
    c. client, the delivery takes the work into use before the work is completed.


    E.1 If the progress in the execution of the work is delayed by the client or due to force majeure on its part, RT Vision bv.  can pay proportionally and in proportion to the finished part as well as the costs already incurred for the entire order, plus, where appropriate, the usual storage fee for materials stored on the instructions of the client, are made available on the terms that would have been made available if no delay had occurred. . If these terms have not been expressly agreed in advance, the aforementioned will be available immediately after the expiry of the time normally required to prepare the work in question.

    E.2 The terms agreed with RT Vision bv.  are always to be regarded by the client as approximate and never as strict deadlines, unless the contrary has been expressly agreed in writing.

    E.3 Disruptions in the company as a result of force majeure, (such as: war, mobilization, riots, flooding, frost, closed shipping and other obstructions in transport, stagnation in, limitation or discontinuation of the deliveries by public utilities, fire, machine breakdown and other accidents, strikes, lockouts, action by employee organizations that make production impossible, government measures, non-delivery of necessary materials and semi-finished products to RT Vision bv. by third parties and other unforeseen circumstances, also in the country of origin of the materials and/or semi-finished products, which disrupt normal business operations and delay or reasonably make the execution of an order impossible) discharge RT Vision bv. from meeting the agreed term or from the execution obligation, without the client on account of any right or compensation for costs, damages or interests can assert.

    E.4 In the event of force majeure, RT Vision bv. will immediately notify the client. After receipt of the notification, the client will have the right to cancel the order in writing for eight days, however with the obligation to RT Vision bv. to pay for the assignment.


    F.1 Complaints are only possible in writing and within eight days after execution of the order. RT Vision bv.  is not liable for printing, writing and/or counting errors and/or ambiguities in offers, order confirmations and/or prospectuses, nor for the consequences thereof.

    F.2 Defects that could not reasonably have been detected within the period stated in the previous article must be reported to RT Vision bv immediately after discovery – but no later than ninety days after delivery.

    F.3 Defects in part of the delivered performance do not give the right to reject the entire delivered performance.

    F.4 The Client will provide all cooperation required by RT Vision bv.  for the investigation of the complaint, including by giving RT Vision bv.  and/or third parties designated by it the opportunity to conduct an on-site investigation or have it carried out. to the quality and/or quantity of the delivered performance.

    F.5 If RT Vision bv.  deems a defect in the delivered goods to be demonstrated, it will have the choice either to redeliver free of charge, or to grant the client a discount on the quoted price to be determined in mutual consultation. In the first case, the client must fully cooperate with RT Vision bv.

    F.6 RT Vision bv.  accepts no responsibility whatsoever for defects caused by or arising in the delivered goods through fault or actions of the client or third parties, or from external causes.

    F.7 If defects are caused by choice of material and/or construction by or on behalf of the client, RT Vision bv.  accepts no responsibility. Warranties on hardware are treated according to manufacturer’s conditions.

    F.8 RT Vision bv.  has no more obligations than arising from this chapter; in particular, RT Vision bv  will in no way be liable for direct or indirect trading loss, which may arise due to non-execution, incorrect or late execution of the assignment.

    F.9 A complaint with regard to certain activities or deliveries does not suspend the payment obligation of the client with regard to those or other activities/deliveries.

    F.10 RT Vision bv.  is never obliged to provide a further guarantee than the guarantee provided to RT Vision bv. by the manufacturer of the delivered goods.

    F.11 Warranty is only granted on goods that have been paid in full to RT Vision bv., during 1 year after delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    F.12 Whether a particular defect or defect falls under the terms of the warranty described above is at the sole discretion of RT Vision bv.

    F.13 Deviations with regard to the warranty conditions described above are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by RT Vision bv.

    F.14 The Client will never be able to claim dissolution of an agreement on the basis of complaints or defects, neither during nor after the warranty period.

    F.15 All damage, by whatever name, caused by the actions of goods delivered by the client are for the account of the client


    G.1 RT Vision bv. and its subordinates bear no liability whatsoever for any damage, by whatever name and from whatever cause, other than as a result of intent or gross negligence, to be proved by the client and then only up to a maximum of the amount of the work or deliveries to be performed by RT Vision bv. , or a proportionate part thereof.

    G.2 The Client is obliged to indemnify and hold harmless RT Vision bv against all claims for compensation that third parties institute against RT Vision bv in respect of damage caused by or with the delivered goods, including damage caused by contamination during work by RT Vision eg. released materials.

    G.3 If an order to supply or perform work is given for the account of two or more natural or legal persons, these persons are each jointly and severally liable for full compliance with the ad hoc obligation arising from the agreement.

    G.4 RT Vision bv. undertakes to store the materials supplied by the client for processing as well as the drawings/designs received from the client with due care, but accepts no liability whatsoever for loss due to fire, theft or breakage, etc. insurance covered.

    G.5 The Client is responsible for the constructions and/or construction methods prescribed for or on behalf of it.


    H.1 The rental period commences on the date of delivery of the leased property or, if this has been expressly agreed with the client, at the time when the leased property is delivered to the client’s address using RT Vision bv’s own transport. The rental period ends on the date on which the rented item is received back by RT Vision bv. The client is obliged to insure the rented property for 100% in its own name and at its own expense. In the event of theft, loss or damage to the rented property, the client is 100% liable.

    H.2 The rented object will be delivered by RT Vision bv.  in good condition. The client is entitled to inspect the rented item or have it inspected before delivery. If the client does not make use of this right, the leased property is deemed to have been delivered in good condition and in full.

    H.3 RT Vision bv.  will also insure the leased property in favor of the client against loss or damage, but not against damage caused by negligence or misuse on the part of the client, for which damage the client is fully liable. For damage covered by the insurance, a deductible of € 500.00 per damage applies at all times, for which the client is liable.

    H.4 The rented property will remain the inalienable property of RT Vision bv under all circumstances. If the client does not comply with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, RT Vision bv.  has the right to terminate the rental contract prematurely, repossess the rented property and proceed to collect the rent over the entire agreed rental period.

    H.5 Exceeding the agreed rental period is only permitted if RT Vision bv. has given written permission to do so. If the rental term is exceeded, the client owes a fee per day in accordance with the agreed daily price.

    H.6 The client is not entitled -without express permission from RT Vision bv. – to transfer his rights arising from the rental agreement to third parties. The client only derives from the lease the right to make personal use of the leased property at the specified locations, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    H.7 The Client is liable for all damage and/or damage to and theft and/or loss of the rented property.

    H.8 If the rented item or parts thereof are completely lost or irreparably damaged, the client will owe RT Vision bv.  an amount equal to the purchase costs of replacement equipment as well as the costs of the replacement.

    H.9 The client is not permitted to change, change or repair any part of the rented item and to use materials other than those prescribed by RT Vision bv.

    H.10 In the event of loss, misappropriation, damage or any defect in the leased property, the client will inform RT Vision bv.  immediately and as quickly as possible.

    H.11 The Client will at all times give RT Vision bv. the opportunity to inspect the leased property. RT Vision bv.  also reserves the right to take back the leased property for technical maintenance and inspection.

    H.12 After termination of the rental agreement, the client is obliged to return the rented object in undamaged condition to RT Vision bv. The return delivery must be accompanied by a specified written statement of the rented materials. This statement is not binding for RT Vision bv. RT Vision bv.  will inspect the rented materials within fourteen days after the return delivery, if desired in the presence of the client, and after the inspection will notify the client in writing of any defects and damage. RT Vision bv.  is entitled to repair or have repaired the returned goods itself, if this deems necessary. The books of RT Vision bv.  are binding with regard to the defects and/or shortcomings found during this inspection.

    H.13 If the client fails to deliver the leased property in whole or in part to the agreed location after the agreed or extended rental period, RT Vision bv.  has the right to immediately claim the leased property or what is missing from the client and at the expense and risk of the client, whereby the client undertakes to provide RT Vision bv. with access to the place(s) where the rented item is located.


    I.1 The offers and quotations of RT Vision bv.  with regard to repair and repair duration are without obligation.

    I.2 RT Vision bv.  is entitled, irrespective of the right of retention, to demand advance payment from the client for repairs of a larger size, such at the discretion of RT Vision bv.

    I.3 If, after execution of the work assigned to RT Vision bv and notification thereof to the client, the goods in question have not been collected within one week after the last-mentioned time, RT Vision bv. is entitled to charge storage costs in accordance with the Vision eg applicable rate. Storage is at the expense and risk of the client.

    I.4 In the event of repair, a warranty is provided on the replaced parts, insofar as the manufacturer of the relevant parts provides a warranty. Warranty on the repair itself extends to three months after the repair has been carried out.

    I.5 The warranty on repairs lapses if third parties have performed work without prior knowledge and permission from RT Vision bv that can be associated with the (repair) work performed by RT Vision bv in respect of which the warranty is invoked , unless the absolute necessity for repair has arisen and can be demonstrated on the basis of the data provided by the repairer concerned.

    I.6 Replaced materials and/or goods will only be made available to the client if the latter expressly wishes this and informs RT Vision bv.  of this wish for the repair. In the other case, the materials become the property of RT Vision bv, without the client being able to charge RT Vision bv any compensation in this regard.


    J.1 RT Vision bv. reserves the ownership of all goods delivered by it to the customer until the amount owed, including interest and costs, for all these goods has been paid in full. If RT Vision bv. has performed work for the benefit of the customer by RT Vision bv in the context of the agreement, the retention of title referred to above applies until the customer also claims these claims, also including interest and costs, from RT Vision bv. has fulfilled. The retention of title also applies to all claims that RT Vision bv may acquire against the customer due to failure of the customer in one or more of its obligations towards RT Vision bv.

    J.2 As long as the ownership of the delivered goods has not passed to the customer, the latter may not pledge the goods or grant a third party any further right thereto, subject to the provisions of the sixth paragraph of this article.

    J.3 On delivered goods that have passed into the ownership of the customer through payment and which are still in the customer’s hands, RT Vision bv. hereby reserves the right to pledge as referred to in Section 3:237 of the Dutch Civil Code as additional security for claims. , other than those referred to in Article 3:92 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code, which RT Vision bv. may have against the customer for whatever reason.

    J.4 Customer is obliged to keep the goods delivered subject to retention of title with due care and as recognizable property of RT Vision bv. The customer is obliged to insure the good against fire, explosion and water damage as well as against theft for the duration of the reserved ownership and to make the policies of these insurances available to the supplier for inspection on the first demand. All claims of the customer on insurers of the goods under the aforementioned insurance policies will, as soon as RT Vision bv. expresses its wish, be pledged to it by the customer in the manner indicated in article 3:239 of the Dutch Civil Code, to provide additional security for the receivables from supplier on customer.

    J.5. If the customer fails to fulfill its payment obligations towards RT Vision bv. or if the supplier gives good grounds to fear that it will fail to fulfill those obligations, RT Vision bv is entitled to take back the goods delivered subject to retention of title. After repossession, the customer will be credited for the market value, which can in no case be higher than the original purchase price, less the costs incurred for the repossession.

    J.6. The customer is permitted to sell and transfer the goods delivered subject to retention of title to third parties in the context of the normal business operations of his company. When selling on credit, the customer is obliged to stipulate a retention of title from its customers in accordance with the provisions of this article.

    J.7. As long as the ownership of the delivered goods has not passed to the customer, the customer undertakes not to assign or pledge any claims it acquires against its customers to third parties without the prior written consent of RT Vision bv. The customer also undertakes the said claims as soon as RT Vision eg expresses the wish to do so, to pledge to him in the manner as indicated in Section 3:239 of the Dutch Civil Code as additional security for his claims for whatever reason.


    K.1 RT Vision bv.  retains the copyright of the designs, sketches and calculations designed or realized by it, even when the client gives an order for them.

    K.2 The Client undertakes to use the delivered designs, drawings, sketches and calculations only for its own use and not to make them available to third parties, in any way whatsoever, either against payment or free of charge.


    L.1 If the execution of an order extends over a period longer than a week or if the amount involved in the order is, in the opinion of RT Vision bv. advance deadlines. RT Vision bv or its credit insurer are entitled, irrespective of the agreed payment condition, to demand sufficient security for payment in advance or to demand this during the execution of an order.

    L.2. Subject to the provisions under B, all payments must be made within fourteen days of the invoice date, net in cash without any deduction in common European currency.

    L.3 If credit is granted for longer than fourteen days after the invoice date or if it is taken incorrectly, the client owes interest on the invoice amount at 5% per month or part of a month, commencing on the due date of the invoice amount ; each time after a period of one year, the client will also owe the aforementioned interest on the interest then due. If and insofar as the statutory interest rate is higher than the percentage stated here, the statutory interest will be charged.

    L.4 All costs, both judicial and extrajudicial, which RT Vision bv has to incur to enforce its rights, are for the account of the client. These costs amount to at least 15% of the amount involved, with a minimum of € 500.

    L.5 If the client has the assignment carried out by RT Vision bv as a subcontractor, the client will assign to RT Vision bv the claim(s) obtained from this transaction from this transaction to RT Vision bv. The Client grants RT Vision BV now for then an irrevocable power of attorney to proceed to collect the relevant claim(s).

    L.6 Irrespective of what has been determined with regard to the payment term under 3 of this chapter, RT Vision bv has the right to demand cash payment, or to require the client to provide security for the payment, or to request a payment made by RT Vision bv. part of the agreed price to be determined in advance, before delivery, while prompt payment must be made despite an agreed payment term, if RT Vision bv sees reason to require this.

    L.7 RT Vision bv is entitled to suspend its activities until any partial invoices that have already been sent have been paid.


    M.1 A dispute exists as soon as one party declares that it does.

    M.2 All agreements and transactions of RT Vision bv are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

    M.3 All disputes, by whatever name, will be subject to the judgment of the Dutch competent court, to the exclusion of all other arbitrating, advisory and judicial bodies. Disputes can only be handled by the district bank in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


    N.1 In all cases not provided for in these General Terms and Conditions, the decision rests exclusively with RT Vision bv.

    Measuring instruments CO2/VOC


    This device reads temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, air quality (expressed as IAQ or bVOC value) and CO2 and sends collected data over the LoRaWAN® network. 3 traffic light LEDs for air quality display with adjustable brightness. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as building automation, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, security, healthcare and many more use cases.



    Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.
    We are ready to answer your questions.



      Combined air conditioning/UVC air disinfection unit is supplied complete and installed on site.


      Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.
      We are ready to answer your questions.



        The RTV-A300 purifies rooms for 99.99% of any type of virus or bacteria up to 1200m3 per hour. The RTV-A300 is a very high-quality disinfection unit that has been designed and developed in the Netherlands and is produced in 2 own factories.

        The unit offers a solution to various problems in the air: pollen, odors or harmful micro-organisms.

        The unit has a uniquely large capacity in combination with a very attractive price. Thanks to years of development, it has been possible to make the unit very compact and light, which makes the unit easy to move and can be used in any room.


        The capacity and wattage of the lamps are perfectly matched, so that the unit can immediately purify all the air that passes by.

        The LED strip continuously displays the status of the air particle level.

        The air is supplied to 2 sides of the unit, after which it is led through a disinfection module on both sides. The powerful fan then blows out the clean air at the top of the unit in 4 directions.

        The RTV-A300 can be used in various locations: offices, schools, retail, hospitality, gyms, etc.

        The advantages at a glance:

        • Very large capacity of 1200 m3 per hour
        • Very small chance of infections
        • Less sick leave
        • Flexible solution for every situation in 1 device
        • Single unit, plug and play
        • Low weight
        • Compact size
        • 10 positions


        The unit is supplied with 2 UV-C modules as standard. These modules are each interchangeable with a HEPA14 or a TVOC module. These modules can be ordered separately.

        • UV-C module;
          kills bacteria, viruses and fungi
        • HEPA14 module;
          removes the smallest solid particles and pollen
        • TVOC module;
          absorbs gases and eliminates odors

        The unit is unique with its interchangeable modules, which means that the desired combination can be used for every situation.


        UV-C is a proven technique that has been around for decades to kill viruses and bacteria. Several studies have demonstrated its effect. See DOWNLOADS for these studies.

        When the air flows through the disinfection module, the air is treated with UV-C radiation. The special 4 x 24 watt Philips UV-C lamps in the unit generate UV radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers.

        The UV-C light kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. The radiation damages the DNA structure of the micro-organisms, making them unable to reproduce. In our unit, a large fan capacity with a high wattage of the lamps is perfectly matched to each other, so that the unit can also immediately purify all the air that passes. As a result, the air does not have to be blown through the unit a number of times as with comparable devices before the micro-organisms are killed.

        Functional requirements Recommended combination Application examples

        Eliminates bacteria and deactivates viruses (high risk of infection)

        UV module + HEPA module or:
        UV module + UV module

        Respiratory tract, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, pediatrics, etc.

        Deodorizes and breaks down organic gas (relatively closed)

        HEPA module + TVOC module

        Burns, gynecology, obstetrics, laboratory, stomatology and pathology departments

        Both disinfection and removal of chemical compounds

        UV module + TVOC module

        Departments dialysis, ICU, neonatal, hematology, oncology

        Several safety mechanisms are built in, including the unit stalling if a side door or top grille is accidentally opened while the unit is running.

        390 x 420 x 630mm

        11.5W – 178.3W

        up to 4x 24 Watt UV-C PL-L lamps from Signify Philips


        Air Velocity
        10 settings

        Air transit
        120m3 to 1200 m3 per hour

        P4/F4 (highest rating)

        Energy efficiency rating
        High efficiency

        TVOC filter module
        Filters large particles of suspended matter such as hair, dander and pollen. Filter can be reused after cleaning.

        UV-C filter module
        bacterial virus kill rate 99.99%
        Maintenance interval 36 months(***)

        HEPA filter module
        Filtration level H14, filtration accuracy 99.995%.
        Maintenance interval 3 to 6 months with continuous use(***)

        Ozone production(**)
        Ozone production >0.003 mg/m³ (GB ≤0.01 mg/m³)

        UV light leakage
        UV emission ≤1μw/cm2 (national standard ≤5 μw/cm2)

        Power failure protection
        power failure protection

        Easy to operate
        touch screen

        Fan settings
        1-10 by touch sensor

        replacement Power is turned off when the case is opened

        Action mode
        When the UV works, the disinfection indicator is always on

        * The extent to which an air handling unit can remove unwanted particles from the air. Class 4 (P4 & F4) are the highest achievable classifications
        ** Tested to 0.03 m
        *** Calculated based on 8 hours of daily use and 3 levels of air volume


        De HEPA+ filtermodule is een absoluut filter dat alle deeltjes blokkeert tot een grootte van 0,3 μm. Rook, pollen, stof, maar ook bacteriën, gisten en schimmels worden uit de lucht gehaald. Kleinere deeltjes zoals virussen kunnen mogelijk door het HEPA+-filter gaan, maar het merendeel komt vast te zitten tussen de speciale vezels van het HEPA+-filter.

        Technical Specifications
        HEPA+ & Activated carbon Filter module RTV300
        Item number: 2.25.3050
        HEPA filter grade: H13 > 99.9% particle reduction
        Particle Size Reduction: < 0.3~0.5µm
        Dimensions (L x W x D): 371 x 292 x 60 mm
        Weight: 1.1 kg
        Surface filter: 2 m2

        Average filter life:
        Depending on air quality, indicative: 3 – 6 months
        Filter material Water repellent
        Pressure loss: ≤ 140 Mpa
        Packaging: 1 filter per individual package
        Storage conditions: Dry storage (RH ≤ 90% / temp max: 60 °C)


        Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.
        The employees of RT Vision are ready to answer your questions.


          UV-C luchtreinigers

          UV-C licht kan een belangrijke bijdrage leveren in het verminderen van aanwezige virussen in de ruimte. Ook het Corona virus gevoelig voor UV-C licht. Onze portable UV-C lamp luchtreiniger is daarom een welkome toevoeging op je Corona bescherming naast voldoende ventilatie en hygiëne maatregelen. De UV-C luchtreinigers zijn in diverse uitvoeringen leverbaar, van 50 tot 1.200 m3/h. De luchtreinigers zijn voorzien van 60W Philips UV-C lamp(en) en HEPA filter.

          Temperatuur display

          De ideale oplossing om je omgeving vooraf te controleren op een eventuele aanwezige koorts, de dsiplay met ingebouwde camera en temperatuur sensor geeft aan of een persoon koorts heeft. Mocht er geen sprake zijn van koorts licht de display “groen”, mocht er wel sprake zijn van koorts licht deze “rood”.

          Toepasbaar voor elke publieke ruimte zoals: ziekenhuizen, scholen, bedrijven, woonzorgcentra, horeca, verenigingen, taxi’s, winkelcentra, bioscopen enzovoort.

          Met inbegrip van alle noodzakelijke componenten die nodig zijn om bedrijven en gemeenschappen te beschermen, is dit enterprise-grade platform betrouwbaar, aanpasbaar en naadloos te gebruiken. Het systeem is speciaal ontworpen om flexibel te zijn en bevat een bekroonde Mimo Monitors hardware display, Revel’s Digital’s CMS-analyse en nauwkeurige temperatuurgevoelige software met een licentie van een jaar.

          Beschikbare besturingssystemen zijn onder andere Android en BrightSign, en bundelgroottes van 7″ tot 32″, het Mimo Monitoren Temperatuursensoren platform is gecreëerd met ultieme flexibiliteit in het achterhoofd. De software is gebouwd op de top van digital signage software die zorgt voor ultieme flexibiliteit in berichtgeving, instructies en controle, en kan, door middel van zijn grondige analytische systeem, worden verbonden met bestaande databases om persoonlijke temperaturen dagelijks bij te houden en vast te leggen. Denk eraan – als identiteiten en temperaturen aan een persoon zijn gekoppeld, hiervoor heb je dan wel toestemming nodig en aan alle regelgeving voldoen.

          Het platform is ook in staat om te synchroniseren en samen te werken voor een allesomvattend beeld. Ideaal voor ingangen van supermarkten, woonzorgcentra, kantoorgebouwen, scholen of in taxi’s voorafgaand aan het rijden, maakt deze kiosk gebruik van geavanceerde medische sensoren om de temperatuur van een persoon op te nemen en ervoor te zorgen dat ze anderen niet in gevaar brengen. De kiosk moet binnenshuis en uit de buurt van deuren en HVAC-systemen worden geplaatst voor nauwkeurige resultaten.

          Naadloos op te zetten en efficiënt te gebruiken, kan dit baanbrekende, aanrakingsvrije temperatuurplatform de gemoedsrust bieden die nodig is om de veiligheid van iedereen te garanderen.

          Download Monitors Product Sheet (PDF)


          Aanpasbaar, flexibel en uitgebreid platform dat op een groot aantal manieren kan worden gebruikt om aan de behoeften van elk bedrijf te voldoen. Voorbeelden hiervan zijn: het geven van een groen of rood licht aan iemand om een gebouw te betreden, met opties voor synchronisatie tussen locaties, beheer en monitoring op afstand en een volledige analytische suite beschikbaar.

          Compact, duurzaam en betrouwbaar, voor naadloze installatie en intuïtief gebruik.

          Integreert een ultramoderne temperatuursensor van medische kwaliteit. Draait op meerdere hardwareplatforms, waaronder BrightSign en Android.

          Verkrijgbaar in wandmontage, vloerstandaard, staande kiosk en in de maten 7-32″ met verschillende complexiteit en aanpassing van de analytics om aan uw behoeften te voldoen.

          Ideaal voor toepassingen zoals supermarkten, woonzorgcentra, kantoorgebouwen, scholen en nog veel meer.

          Om het proces van temperatuurregistratie te vereenvoudigen voor mensen die op zoek zijn naar een naadloze en zeer kosteneffectieve oplossing, bieden we ook een instapmodel, een niet-CMS-versie die de temperatuur weergeeft en een duidelijke en gemakkelijk te diagnosticeren temperatuurmeting aangeeft. Deze niet-analytische oplossing zorgt ervoor dat iedereen die een openbaar gebouw betreedt, temperatuurvrij is en bevordert de veiligheid.


          Heeft u vragen? Neem gerust contact met ons op.
          De medewerkers van RT Vision staan klaar om uw vragen te beantwoorden.

             ONZE SERVICE IS 24/7 BEREIKBAAR OP 073 – 55 11 055

            073 – 55 11 055



            Fine dust, dust, bacteria, bacteria, fungi are immediately eliminated with this compact ionizer / sterilizer.

            The indoor climate has a major impact on people’s health. Especially in this corona time with highly infected aerosols – viruses and bacteria in the air – a good air climate is of great importance. The RTV-ASO is a compact ionizer/sterilizer with a capacity of approximately 50 m2, which purifies the air in the office, production hall, healthcare institution, school, catering industry or (public) transport within an hour. The innovative RTV-AOS is distracting, unobtrusive and silent. Everyone immediately notices the improvement in air quality after the – very simple – installation. The RTV-ASO not only involves very little energy, but makes huge air purification systems and expensive redundant filters.



            WHAT DOES RTV-A50 GIVE YOU?

            • Greatly improved air quality
            • No dust, fine dust, VOC* and pathogens in the interior
            • Healthier and more productive employees
            • Guests who feel healthier and more comfortable
            • Savings on traditional air purification
            • Low energy costs
            • Silent, secure, unobtrusive system
            • Easy to assemble and expand

            *Volatile Organic Compounds: easily evaporating, often harmful substances


            The RTV-A50 combines ionization and UVC light. The negative ions and the plasma ionization not only contribute to fresh and pure air, but also to a reduction in CO2 content. The use of UVC light in the fight against polluted air makes air purification extra effective.
            The technical operation of the RTV-A50 has been scientifically proven several times. RTV-A50 has been extensively tested by TOV Nord and the claims have been endorsed in several studies.

            The purified air contributes to better health.
            Ionization purifies the interior of dust, fine dust, unpleasant odors, bacteria and viruses. Employees, guests, travelers and patients immediately feel healthier and more comfortable. The RTV-A50 is a compact ionizer/sterilizer with a huge capacity that purifies the air within an hour.


            Ionization is a physical phenomenon. Ionization changes the electrical charge of a dust particle. As a result, the dust particles bind to water molecules in the air. They become heavy and fall, with dust, particulate matter, pathogens and all on the ground. RT Vision has been a forerunner – in the Netherlands and worldwide – in the practical application of ventilation for many years.

            Many organizations are now opting for RT Vision’s ionization solutions. Pure daylight and a clean indoor climate lead to better health, more well-being, higher production and less absenteeism due to illness.

            90 x 125 x 50mm

            50 m2 per unit

            <19 Watts

            500 million/sec

            12 VDC


            Particle fraction 0.3 – 7 µm  99.94%

            Mold spores < 100 µm  97%

            Bacteria < 100 µm  98%



            Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.
            Our customer service is ready to answer your questions.

              Overige AV Specialisaties - contact


              We nemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact op.


              Panasonic is al jaren marktleider op het gebied van verschillende AV oplossingen.
              De kwalitatieve en innovatieve producten van Panasonic sluiten optimaal aan bij de visie van RT Vision.

              Panasonic produceert professionele displays voor iedere denkbare toepassing:

              • Indoor Displays
              • Indoor System on Chip displays
              • Professionele multitouch-led displays
              • Videowall displays
              • Outdoor LED displays
              • 4K LED displays

              DNP SCREENS

              De schermen van dnp zijn perfect voor (conferentie)ruimten waar veel daglicht aanwezig is. Dankzij een speciaal door hen ontwikkelde techniek biedt een dnp scherm een tot 7x hoger contract dan een conventioneel wit scherm.

              RCF high-technology Professional Audio products

              RCF is al sinds 1949 actief in het bieden van hoogstaande oplossingen. Dit Italiaanse merk bouwt alle componenten zelf en is constant bezig met innovatie.


              Al sinds 1925 kiezen muziekliefhebbers voor Shure dankzij de ongeëvenaarde geluidskwaliteit. Neem nou de Shure SM58 microfoon, al ruim 40 jaar de meest populaire zangmicrofoon ter wereld. Maar ook op het gebied van conferentieaudio biedt Shure vooruitstrevende oplossingen.


              Heeft u vragen? Neem gerust contact met ons op.
              De medewerkers van RT Vision staan klaar om uw vragen te beantwoorden.

                 ONZE SERVICE IS 24/7 BEREIKBAAR OP 073 – 55 11 055

                 ONZE SERVICE IS 24/7 BEREIKBAAR OP
                073 – 55 11 055


                BEDANKT VOOR UW BERICHT!

                We nemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact op.




                Door het tonen van relevante boodschappen op het juiste moment bent u in staat uw doelgroep nog beter aan te spreken. Het grote voordeel van een narrowcasting oplossing is de flexibiliteit en de mogelijkheid om in te spelen op actualiteit waarmee u wezenlijke interactie met uw klanten creëert.

                Daarom werkt RT Vision al jaren met ONELAN, één van de marktleiders op het gebied van narrowcasting. Zij bieden een easy to use platform waarmee iedere organisatie een communicatiestrategie kan uitzetten.

                RT Vision is in staat installaties te realiseren waarmee op 10 of indien nodig 100 verschillende plaatsen reclameboodschappen en commercials gedraaid kunnen worden met één druk op de knop. Speciale aanbiedingen of promotionele activiteiten worden via uw eigen netwerk direct verstuurd of geagendeerd zodat zij op het juiste moment de juiste informatie laten zien.

                Net-Top-Box (NTB)

                De ONELAN Net-Top-Box bestaat uit een licentievrije totaaloplossing van hard- en software. De Net-Top-Box is een Linux-based applicatie met ingebouwde web-based User Interface, zodat deze bediend kan worden middels een willekeurige webbrowser en u via elke laptop, pc of smartphone toegang kunt krijgen tot het systeem.

                De ONELAN Net-Top-Box bestaat uit een licentievrije totaaloplossing van hard- en software. De Net-Top-Box is een Linux-based applicatie met ingebouwde web-based User Interface, zodat deze bediend kan worden middels een willekeurige webbrowser en u via elke laptop, pc of smartphone toegang kunt krijgen tot het systeem.

                ONELAN biedt een range aan HD- en 4K players en alle NTB oplossingen zijn uit te breiden met verschillende opties.

                Voordelen van een ONELAN NTB oplossing:

                • Geen licentiekosten
                • 4K Content
                • Gratis software updates, patches en bug-fixes
                • Narrowcast netwerk eenvoudig uit te breiden
                • Gemakkelijk in gebruik en implementatie
                • Linux voor opstartgemak en veiligheid
                • Autonoom systeem
                • Lokale dataopslag
                • Gebruikers met diverse autoriteiten toekennen
                • Vanuit ieder punt binnen hetzelfde netwerk

                Offerte aanvragen

                ONELAN ROOM RESERVA

                De ONELAN Reserva Room Manager geeft u complete controle over al uw meeting rooms. Het systeem kan makkelijk gekoppeld worden aan verschillende kalendersystemen waardoor u makkelijk uw meetings boekt. De ONELAN Reserva laat vervolgens op een overzichtelijke manier de beschikbaarheid van een ruimte zien, maar ook eventuele toekomstige reserveringen. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om een logo van uw organisatie toe te voegen aan het display.

                Voordelen van ONELAN Room Reserva:

                • Duidelijke status van vergaderruimtes door kleurgebruik (groen voor vrij en rood voor bezet)
                • Gedetailleerde informatie weergave van toekomstige evenementen en hun organisatoren
                • Integratie van Microsoft Exchange 2013 en 2010 (Newmarket International Delphi, Micros Opera en Microsoft Office 365 op aanvraag ook mogelijk)
                • Displays in verschillende maten
                • Power over ethernet
                • Wi-Fi connectie
                • Robuuste hardware, betrouwbaar systeem

                Offerte aanvragen


                Heeft u vragen? Neem gerust contact met ons op.
                De medewerkers van RT Vision staan klaar om uw vragen te beantwoorden.

                   ONZE SERVICE IS 24/7 BEREIKBAAR OP 073 – 55 11 055

                   ONZE SERVICE IS 24/7 BEREIKBAAR OP
                  073 – 55 11 055