The RTV-A300 purifies rooms for 99.99% of any type of virus or bacteria up to 1200m3 per hour. The RTV-A300 is a very high-quality disinfection unit that has been designed and developed in the Netherlands and is produced in 2 own factories.

The unit offers a solution to various problems in the air: pollen, odors or harmful micro-organisms.

The unit has a uniquely large capacity in combination with a very attractive price. Thanks to years of development, it has been possible to make the unit very compact and light, which makes the unit easy to move and can be used in any room.


The capacity and wattage of the lamps are perfectly matched, so that the unit can immediately purify all the air that passes by.

The LED strip continuously displays the status of the air particle level.

The air is supplied to 2 sides of the unit, after which it is led through a disinfection module on both sides. The powerful fan then blows out the clean air at the top of the unit in 4 directions.

The RTV-A300 can be used in various locations: offices, schools, retail, hospitality, gyms, etc.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Very large capacity of 1200 m3 per hour
  • Very small chance of infections
  • Less sick leave
  • Flexible solution for every situation in 1 device
  • Single unit, plug and play
  • Low weight
  • Compact size
  • 10 positions


The unit is supplied with 2 UV-C modules as standard. These modules are each interchangeable with a HEPA14 or a TVOC module. These modules can be ordered separately.

  • UV-C module;
    kills bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • HEPA14 module;
    removes the smallest solid particles and pollen
  • TVOC module;
    absorbs gases and eliminates odors

The unit is unique with its interchangeable modules, which means that the desired combination can be used for every situation.


UV-C is a proven technique that has been around for decades to kill viruses and bacteria. Several studies have demonstrated its effect. See DOWNLOADS for these studies.

When the air flows through the disinfection module, the air is treated with UV-C radiation. The special 4 x 24 watt Philips UV-C lamps in the unit generate UV radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers.

The UV-C light kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. The radiation damages the DNA structure of the micro-organisms, making them unable to reproduce. In our unit, a large fan capacity with a high wattage of the lamps is perfectly matched to each other, so that the unit can also immediately purify all the air that passes. As a result, the air does not have to be blown through the unit a number of times as with comparable devices before the micro-organisms are killed.

Functional requirements Recommended combination Application examples

Eliminates bacteria and deactivates viruses (high risk of infection)

UV module + HEPA module or:
UV module + UV module

Respiratory tract, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, pediatrics, etc.

Deodorizes and breaks down organic gas (relatively closed)

HEPA module + TVOC module

Burns, gynecology, obstetrics, laboratory, stomatology and pathology departments

Both disinfection and removal of chemical compounds

UV module + TVOC module

Departments dialysis, ICU, neonatal, hematology, oncology

Several safety mechanisms are built in, including the unit stalling if a side door or top grille is accidentally opened while the unit is running.

390 x 420 x 630mm

11.5W – 178.3W

up to 4x 24 Watt UV-C PL-L lamps from Signify Philips


Air Velocity
10 settings

Air transit
120m3 to 1200 m3 per hour

P4/F4 (highest rating)

Energy efficiency rating
High efficiency

TVOC filter module
Filters large particles of suspended matter such as hair, dander and pollen. Filter can be reused after cleaning.

UV-C filter module
bacterial virus kill rate 99.99%
Maintenance interval 36 months(***)

HEPA filter module
Filtration level H14, filtration accuracy 99.995%.
Maintenance interval 3 to 6 months with continuous use(***)

Ozone production(**)
Ozone production >0.003 mg/m³ (GB ≤0.01 mg/m³)

UV light leakage
UV emission ≤1μw/cm2 (national standard ≤5 μw/cm2)

Power failure protection
power failure protection

Easy to operate
touch screen

Fan settings
1-10 by touch sensor

replacement Power is turned off when the case is opened

Action mode
When the UV works, the disinfection indicator is always on

* The extent to which an air handling unit can remove unwanted particles from the air. Class 4 (P4 & F4) are the highest achievable classifications
** Tested to 0.03 m
*** Calculated based on 8 hours of daily use and 3 levels of air volume


De HEPA+ filtermodule is een absoluut filter dat alle deeltjes blokkeert tot een grootte van 0,3 μm. Rook, pollen, stof, maar ook bacteriën, gisten en schimmels worden uit de lucht gehaald. Kleinere deeltjes zoals virussen kunnen mogelijk door het HEPA+-filter gaan, maar het merendeel komt vast te zitten tussen de speciale vezels van het HEPA+-filter.

Technical Specifications
HEPA+ & Activated carbon Filter module RTV300
Item number: 2.25.3050
HEPA filter grade: H13 > 99.9% particle reduction
Particle Size Reduction: < 0.3~0.5µm
Dimensions (L x W x D): 371 x 292 x 60 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Surface filter: 2 m2

Average filter life:
Depending on air quality, indicative: 3 – 6 months
Filter material Water repellent
Pressure loss: ≤ 140 Mpa
Packaging: 1 filter per individual package
Storage conditions: Dry storage (RH ≤ 90% / temp max: 60 °C)


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